Online Memberships: Online memberships are 100% refundable. You have 30 days starting day of purchase for a full refund. Money will be refunded to your credit card. After 30 days the refund policy expires.

Refund Policy for Products: There is no refund if packaging has been opened which includes scissors, brushes, blow dryers, and hair products. BeautyMastermind will refund your money if the packaging has not been opened. Return shipping is paid by the buyer. Buyer has 30 days to return unopened packaging and product for a full refund. 

Warranties: Buyer must deal with the manufacturer of the product purchased. If BeautyMastermind can assist we will be happy to help.

Exchange Policy: If customer wants to exchange a product they purchased, customer must pay for return shipping and re- shipping cost. If there is an overage cost involved customer must pay the difference. If there is a credit due to the customer BeautyMastermind will refund the customers credit card. Customer has 30 days from day of purchase to exchange their product.



Returns are accepted within 15 days of purchase. The product(s) must not be damaged or show signs of excessive wear or abuse. If any product(s) is being returned an email must be sent to us prior to returning it so we can reply back with return instructions along with a return authorization number. All orders MUST be shipped back within 15 days of purchase in order for us to issue a refund or exchange.

Note: Special condition applies for the Ichi-Nino-San Scissors Set. Please contact us for further details.